• Improved Production: Strategies towards enabling small holder farmers to improve the production of quality and safe milk.
  • Favorable operating environment: Setting and enforcement of regulations in the dairy industry that are geared towards improved welfare for small holder dairy producers.
  • Breeding and Animal Health: Performance recording, Selection and upgrading of dairy breeds through affordable AI services and institute a sustainable animal health management program in the region.
  • Access to credit: Provision of customized affordable credit services to small holder dairy farmers and the entire dairy industry by financial institutions.
  • Risk Mitigation: Mitigating risks for the dairy industry by providing affordable insurance premiums to small holder farmers and in extension the dairy sector value chain.
  • Proper Feeding Practices: Sensitization towards proper quantity and quality of feeding, while also ensuring concentrates manufactures distributes standardized products.
  • Value addition and Marketing: Investment in equipment, knowledge/training towards value addition and marketing.
  • Opportunities in dairy farming: Succession and progression towards achieving Vision 2030.
  • The role of the youth in the development of the dairy sector in the region.


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